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DVI Homepage

Deuel Vocational Institution
President: Derrick Casey
V.P: Raul Romero
Supervisory: Keith Bennett

Board Of Directors:
Jason Okamoto
George MacDougall,jr.
Mike Geist
Michelle Ward
Michael Harris
Deanna Gossett
Samuel Selga

Chapter meetings are held at Mountain Mikes pizza in Manteca. The following days are subject to change. For 2015 the meetings will be on the last Wednesday of the month and no meeting for Dec.
Minutes from chapter meetings

If you would like to receive the minutes from the monthy chapter meetings, email me at knowitall@therealchit.com or click on the contact info link and sign up for the mailing list. DVI staff only and current CCPOA member.

Monthly Retirement Breakfast
The first Saturday of every month at 9am is the retirement breakfast at Perko's in Salida . So all you old timers out there that just retired join the even older old timers for breakfast. Don't forget your poligrip, just kidding. Perko's is at Kiernan Ave. in Salida just off 99. 



Source: WikipediaDVI opened in 1953 and named for the late California state senator Charles H. Deuel who sponsored legislation establishing the institution. The facility has been expanded and reorganized several times, in 1959, 1981 and 1993. Its current head warden is S. M. Salinas.

Today the primary purpose of DVI is to serve as a reception center for newly-committed prisoners to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from northern California county jails. The facility also houses a small number of minimum- and low-security inmates (classified by CDCR as levels I and II) and provides some Prison Industries Authority (PIA) facilities at a dairy and a furniture fabrication plant. As of January 2006, the total count of prisoners at DVI was 3,748, with 3,162 of that number assigned to the reception center.

As a result of DVI's primary function as a reception center, in which a large number of felons of different propensities for violence, disciplinary and security issues pass through before being classified and transferred to other facilities, DVI has a long-standing reputation for being violent and dangerous. The facility used to be referred to as "gladiator school" by inmates and staff, because the DVI was widely known for the fights and homicides that took place within the prison walls.

As recently as June 2010, an inmate murder in the facility has been recorded. [4]

DVI also has a 110-inmate farm and operate a 1200 cow dairy. They grow cattle grain and supply milk to other state prisons and tax supported public agencies.

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