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Friday, August 28, 2015

Arizona cuts ties with private-prison operator over Kingman riot

AZ CentralGov. Doug Ducey is terminating a contract with the operator of a private prison near Kingman that he said “failed” to control riots last month that badly damaged the facility and injured 16 people.

Ducey based his decision on an Arizona Department of Corrections investigative report that said Management & Training Corp., operator of the Golden Valley facility, had “a culture of disorganization, disengagement, and disregard” of DOC policies. The scathing report also questioned the company’s inmate-management and security principles.

The Utah-based company said it took full responsibility for the riots from July 1 to July 4 that forced the evacuation of roughly 1,200 inmates. But MTC refuted DOC’s report, saying it was flawed. The company said the state agency did not give MTC an opportunity to respond and that the state’s handling of the disturbance caused confusion and “may have impeded our ability to properly manage and minimize the subsequent disturbance.”

Corrections Director Charles Ryan during a Wednesday afternoon press conference accepted no blame for the riots and said no one in his agency would be disciplined for the melee. He said MTC withheld information from his monitors and that his agency would conduct investigations of the state’s other two private-prison companies to see if they are in compliance. continue reading...

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