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Monday, July 6, 2015

Arizona taxpayers should 'riot' over private prisons

azcentral.comNow that the riot has been quelled at the Arizona State Prison-Kingman it's time for taxpayers to stage an uprising of our own – against private prisons.

The facility in Kingman is run by Utah-based Management & Training Corp.

In 2010 three inmates escaped from that same prison. Two of them were later tied to the murder of a New Mexico couple.

Earlier this year, the family of a 23-year-old inmate who was horribly assaulted and killed inside the prison announced it is seeking $7.5 million from the state and Management & Training Corp.

Now we've had days of rioting, which has left several people injured, including prison employees. It has rendered numerous buildings within the complex "uninhabitable."

It has caused the state to relocate over 1,000 inmates to other jails and prisons, and it has drained money and resources from other agencies by requiring reinforcements from various police departments, the Department of Public Safety, officers at Arizona's public prisons and nearly 100 members of a special tactical support unit.

For too long Arizona taxpayers have been held prisoner by the state's policy of allowing private prisons. continue reading...

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