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Friday, March 20, 2015

Report: Prison guard danced on bar, flashed gun

KCRA3California's inspector general says the state corrections department has a problem with off-duty prison guards brandishing or carrying firearms while they are intoxicated.

A report released Friday says one correctional officer danced atop a bar while drunkenly flashing his gun several times at private citizens in the tavern.

Another drunken officer pointed a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun at a citizen's chest during an argument.

The inspector general says they are two of seven incidents since June 2014 that show the department needs to automatically and immediately revoke permits to carry concealed weapons for officers caught drinking alcohol while possessing weapons.

Correctional officers are allowed to carry concealed weapons off duty.

The inspector general says the department should follow the lead of other state law enforcement agencies that have revocation policies.


the keeper said...

So, out of 3000 officers, 7 abused their off duty weapons. That's .2 Percent! So revoke the license for 3000 because of the actions of .2 percent of us? I would agree that those 7 should lose their right to carry, and their jobs! But .2 percent is hardly an epidemic and I am sure most CO's could handle a beer or two while carrying. That being said, carrying while drunk is a problem. But since only 7 of 3000 officers actually shows this is not a big problem among CO's

the keeper said...

Note that the "spector" general is not suggesting we lose our right to carry due to being intoxicated, but just drinking alcohol period! This means you could lose the right to carry for having a beer at a pick-nic or even a glass of wine with dinner. All because of the actions of 7 cops? This is an extreem over-reaction.

RRoocckkyy50 said...

Uh...no, were you drunk when you've read the article?

Here's the key portion : " revoke permits to carry concealed weapons for officers caught drinking alcohol while possessing weapons ". Seems pretty clear to me.

Lets be reminded of your drunken comrade whom was pointing his piece into someone's chest during an argument; that person should have been arrested & fired along with his revocation for his irrational behavior.

Peace officers aren't above the law; that wannabe special pass is getting stripped away. That "us against them" mentality of officers towards citizens needs to go.

Smart people don't condone that sort of behavior, so be smart.

the keeper said...

RRoocckky50, I guess you were drunk when you read my post. I clearly stated that those officers should have been fired and that officers who abuse their off duty right to carry or who carry while intoxicated should have them revoked. But you don't strip someone of a drivers license for drinking a glass of wine or one beer! And .7 percent is not a problem with "correctional officers", it’s a problem with THOSE particular officers who, I'm sure, were fired and therefore DID lose their permit. I never said they shouldn't be, so put down the crack pipe or learn how to read!!!! I just said, don't punish everyone for the acts of a few and don't try and make 7 people represent all of us. I don't know if you have a job or not, but if you do, I doubt you would want to be lumped in with the stupid acts of .2 percent of your colleagues! You deal with the ones who break the law and issue the appropriate discipline for those individuals. Also, take the same percentage of any law enforcement (or any business) and you will find at least an equal number off idiots violating their off duty right to carry. So don't make it look like there is an epidemic when 98.8 percent of us do not abuse this right. I think once you sober up, you will see that.

the keeper said...

make that 99.8 percent!

Rocky Graciano said...

You still didn't understand the article, nor your departmental policies.

If you decide to consume any alcoholic beverages, then do not carry your weapon, because there will consequences to be faced.

I don't know where you saw how that that adversely affects all of you.

Just read the fourth paragraph again slowly, or have someone with average reading/writing comprehension skills read it and explain it to you; I've tutored you enough here pro Bono.

Have a nice day.