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Saturday, March 21, 2015


ABC 7A major bust in San Jose has revealed a complex gang hierarchy that took a cut of crime profits and funneled that money to a state prison.

Twenty-four members of the gang Nuestra Familia have been indicted and will be going on trial next month.

The gang members were allegedly selling drugs and shaking down merchants for protection money.Operation Red October rounded up two dozen San Jose gang members, who answered to inmates hundreds of miles away.

The crimes were happening in the streets of San Jose and the orders were coming from 400 miles north from behind the walls at Pelican Bay State Prison. That's where three so-called generals of the Nuestra Familia gang called the shots.

"They went so far as to say, 'This is how you do a killing. This is how you do a robbery,' and these were being directed from the behind the walls of jail and prison," said Santa Clara County supervising deputy district attorney Marisa McKeown.

The directives were written in code and smuggled out in the body cavities of inmates leaving on parole. Known as kites, the orders were found in the possession of one of the top street gang leaders in San Jose. continue reading...

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