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Friday, February 20, 2015

Another prison riot at Ironwood

Palo Verde Valley Times Ironwood State Prison (ISP) was once again the scene of a riot last Friday after approximately 120 inmates started fighting in the "D" yard dining hall.

This time, inmates began fighting using their fists, kicks, and food trays against other inmates during the evening meal.

Officers immediately deployed multiple less lethal force options in an effort to quell the disturbance. While gaining control of the incident, there were approximately 100 inmates walking to the dining hall when the riot spread to the yard. The incident quickly escalated and mutual aid from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison was summoned.

Responding staff arrived and were able to gain control of the disturbance utilizing less lethal 40mm launchers designed to fire rubber and wood projectiles, OC pepper spray, blast dispersion grenades and expandable batons. The rapid response by officers controlled the incident within a few minutes.

All inmates were separated and placed into secure locations. Inmates who were found with injuries requiring more definitive care were transported to Triage Treatment Area (TTA) for treatment. Subsequently, 15 inmates were sent to outside area hospitals for further treatment.

There were no injuries to staff as a result of this incident. Facility "D" is on modified program pending investigation into the cause of this disturbance and identification of participants.

Earlier this month, ISP reported four of its correctional officers were attacked by several inmates during mealtime on "C" yard. In August, six inmates were temporarily hospitalized when a fight broke out, also on "C" yard.

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