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Friday, September 19, 2014

California Corrections Officers Honored For Overcoming Odds, Saving Others

CBS 13 State correctional officers were honored for their work in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Many of the recipients are considered heroes for not only overcoming incredible odds, but also saving others.

Working as a correctional officer or supporting staff in the California state prison system is like sitting on a powder keg. They supervise an unpredictable population, some with strong ties to street gangs.

Men and women like Ney Vencer were recognized by state officials for their bravery and close calls with death.

“Things can happen at anytime and that’s what we do,” Vencer said.

Last year, locked behind the barbed-wire covered walls at California state prison in Sacramento, Vencer says he was suddenly attacked by an inmate armed with a shiv.

“A daily routine that you use everyday and you can’t control that when things happen,” he said.

As he fought the inmate, he sustained life threatening injuries to his throat, and several officers came to his rescue.

These officers, turned battle buddies were able to get the inmate off of Vencer, saving his life. They received the gold star for bravery, while Vencer earned the medal of valor for fighting back and never giving up. continue reading...

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