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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Major Announcement: Today,
I mailed off my intent to run for State Wide President. The odds are stacked against me, but once I was told I couldn’t win, and I did, we did. That’s the thing about unions, it belongs to the membership. Now is the time to remove those that feel entitled to the position, it is time to come together as one. I need your help in doing this, and I cannot do this alone, but together we can bring this union back. I set up a website that explains a little about myself and my journey. Please visit the webpage, and please pass the word to all board members at your prison. They hold the key, and the future in September.

Questions? Email: alig4me@hotmail.com


1 comment:

Charles Hughes said...

Ali has always helped people out when in need of help and has been a fighter for line cops since he got involved. The union will be in good hands with him at the helm, experience is only one facet of a leader and it isn't everything. I am confident he will lead CCPOA in the right direction and he will hit the ground running.