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Thursday, April 24, 2014

State Board

State board meeting update: 

Day 1:
MJ doesn't plan on running. Says Chuck Alexander is up and will be new president........

Day 2:
Insurance trust: Keeping an eye out for the changing rates due to affordable act care. 

Labor update: Knew OT checks would be late. Due to the new system. Employees shouldn't be running around chasing their money. 

FTO (field training officer), met on a number of occasions. Progress is slow. 1 cadet, 1 FTO, still a lot of questions on table. Meeting again middle of May. 

Use of force, meeting about new policies and forms. Will be meeting a lot on this issue. 

Pipe system will be expending, checks might be changing to 2 checks an hour. Will meet next week. No extra Officers. 

Cal city- Been open since December. Progress is slow. 

POFF II- still waiting for IRS. 

Retirement getting taken out of OT checks: Money has to come back to those that did OT, little over million waiting for approval (Governor) maybe at end of year. 
*I don't know the time frame of when this was happening. Will keep everyone posted as usual.*

Donning and Doffing: Still on judge desk. Lost 1st round. 

Outside vest cover, not officially approved. State wants to get rid of jumpsuit, CCPOA says no. Meeting soon with follow up. 

Legal: Fiduciary duties, a director (Chapter President) owes a fiduciary duty to the corporation.........

1 comment:

Relavent said...

Yeah right! Jimenez should have done us all a favor and left sometime ago, before digging the hole the union can't seem to get out of. Seriously do we want Alexander? Didn't he run for the position before pulling out to throw his lot in with Jimenez, so that he could retain the power that has been screwing us to this very day.

I can hear it already the he's all we got campaign for Alexander that did wonders for us when it was the union's sound bite for Jimenez last run for office. We need a fresh start to turn things around and I doubt if Alexander or any of Jimenez other inner circle guys can provide the real leadership needed to right the ship. The leadership we've been experiencing seems to allow CDCR management to abuse their authority and disregard the agreement the State of California made with CCPOA covering BU6.

The silence coming out of the West Sacramento headquarters of CCPOA is quite disturbing to dues paying members across California. The question that begs to be answered is what is really going on?