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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Six women visiting prison arrested over weekend

Imperial Valley PressSix women visiting Calipatria State Prison this weekend were arrested in four separate incidents after allegedly trying to bring narcotics and other contraband into the prison, including two women who had a child with them when prison staff found a marijuana cigarette in their vehicle.

Hundreds of people visit the level 4, maximum security prison on any given weekend, and usually no more than one or two visitors are arrested for trying to smuggle narcotics in over an average weekend.

In the first incident, Annette Fanoimoana, 29, of Los Angeles arrived on Friday for a scheduled two-day family visit with her husband, inmate Carlton Fanoimoana, who is serving time for carjacking, said Lt. Everardo Silva, administrative assistant public information officer.

During family visits, visitors can stay overnight with an inmate in a mini-apartment on prison grounds, and inmates must qualify for the privilege.

Prison visiting staff noticed that Fanoimoana was trying to hide something in her blouse and appeared nervous when questioned. When asked if she had any contraband on her, she admitted that she did and consented to a search.

She then relinquished three containers of alcohol, tobacco, DVDs and one bindle containing 92.3 grams of heroin with an estimated prison value of $23,075.

Fanoimoana told staff she drove onto prison grounds with Tiayesh Blackwell, 38, of Los Angeles who was also scheduled for family visit with her husband, inmate Gary Daniels, who has been convicted of kidnapping with use of a firearm, Silva said.

Blackwell consented to a search and during it, she relinquished tobacco, DVDs and a bindle containing 57.1 grams of marijuana with an estimated prison value of $14,275. continue reading...

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