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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PD: Prison guard leaves gun in University of Oklahoma Children's Hospital restroom

KJRHInvestigators say a prison guard left a loaded gun in a University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital restroom.

Police say the unnamed guard was escorting a pregnant inmate to the hospital from the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center on Feb. 26.

The guard used the women's restroom while waiting for the prisoner to be released after giving labor so she could take her back to prison.

The loaded 9mm Glock was found later on the bathroom floor.

“We were fortunate that a responsible adult found the weapon,” Albertson said. “An officer took that gun belt in custody and brought it back to our station, did some further investigation and found out it belonged to a Department of Corrections employee.”

The bathroom is accessible to the public, including children, according to police.

Chief James Albertson of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Police Department said a report on the incident was filed with the District Attorney, but he declined to file charges and instead referred the matter to the Department of Corrections.

The weapon was returned to the Department of Corrections.

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