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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Micro Shield

From CimRiders:

A very tragic accident happen last night as staff responded to a code 1, an inmate un-responsive and non breathing. Responding staff immediately stepped in and began life saving measures (CPR).

A very well respected Sergeant without delay pulled out his Micro Shield and began giving life saving breaths to the non breathing inmate. During CPR the inmate ejected bodily fluids and the fluids went right through the Micro Shield. The Sergeant immediately ingested the fluids.

The Sergeant was immediately sent out to the outside Hospital for medical treatment.

The Staff at CIW are sending thoughts and prayers to Sergeant "V" and his family. God Bless you Brother for not hesitating to do the right thing, only to put your own life in danger. We are praying that all tests are negative.

Also thanks to the 3/W staff for their quick actions, and to the Watch Commander for getting the Sergeant out ASAP!

Have a Safe 8

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