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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

California Secretary of State Sued Over Criminals’ Voting Eligibility

APVoting and civil liberties groups sued Secretary of State Debra Bowen on Tuesday over a decision she made in 2011 that said tens of thousands of criminals who are serving their sentences under community supervision are ineligible to vote.

The American Civil Liberties Union, League of Women Voters, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and other groups filed the lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court on behalf of nearly 60,000 convicts who are sentenced either to mandatory supervision or post-release community supervision.

It’s the second lawsuit challenging Bowen’s interpretation of the 2011 criminal justice realignment law, which is designed to ease overcrowding in state prisons by sentencing those convicted of less serious crimes to county jails or alternative treatment programs.

The first lawsuit included those serving time in county jails and sought an expedited hearing from the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco. It would have allowed locally incarcerated felons to vote in the June 2012 primary election.

The initial attempt died when both the state appellate court and the California Supreme Court declined to hear the case, without comment. continue reading...

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