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Friday, January 31, 2014

CHP officer, wife accused of workers’ comp insurance fraud

SacbeeA veteran California Highway Patrol officer and his wife, a CHP dispatcher, were arrested today, accused of workers’ compensation insurance fraud.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office announced that Officer Daniel Cory Clapp, stationed in Lassen County, and his wife, Jolea Marie Clapp, face five felony counts.

Daniel Clapp, a CHP officer for 11 years, filed his worker’s compensation claim based on injuries he allegedly sustained during a scuffle while making an arrest on Dec. 27, 2011. He and his wife told the workers’ compensation doctor that Daniel Clapp was unable to drive or lift heavy items, and that pain prevented him from performing his duties as a CHP officer, according to a District Attorney’s Office news release.

The CHP’s Internal Affairs Section, Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigation Unit, conducted surveillance on numerous occasions and observed Daniel Clapp camping, boating, swimming and diving, officials said. He also was reportedly observed driving for long periods of time, and cutting and carrying firewood rounds 18 inches thick and 24 inches in diameter.

Jolea Clapp often accompanied her husband on these outings, driving for him when in the local CHP jurisdiction, then turning the driving over to him outside the jurisdiction, officials said.

During medical visits in which Daniel Clapp complained of pain, Jolea Clapp allegedly corroborated her husband’s accounts of disabling pain and his inability to perform physical activities that she had seen him perform.

Both defendants are accused of conspiracy to make false statements in support of a workers’ compensation claim and making false statements about the extent of Daniel Clapp’s physical activities and abilities in order to obtain benefits. Daniel Clapp also is accused of perjury for false statements in a deposition. continue reading...

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