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Friday, January 17, 2014

2 dead, 2 hurt in wild Fresno carjacking spree

Fresno BeeA wild and terrifying carjacking and shooting spree in northwest Fresno Thursday night left two people dead, two wounded and an off-duty correctional officer who intervened being hailed as a hero.

The suspect, described only as a Hispanic male with a shaved head, was among the dead. He was found in a rural area more than five miles away, having collapsed after crashing the last vehicle he stole, police Chief Jerry Dyer said. The suspect apparently died of wounds from shots fired by the off-duty correctional officer.

But for the correctional officer's actions, Dyer said, the crime spree could have been far worse.

"The best decision that was made tonight was by the off-duty correctional officer, who engaged the suspect and had the courage to engage and was fortunately armed and ended up shooting and taking the suspect's life," Dyer said. "Had the correctional officer not engaged the suspect there could have been additional victims tonight. Fortunately for his courageous efforts, that suspect was no longer able to victimize people in the community."

Dyer said the incident began with a two-car crash at Marks and Emerson avenues in central Fresno about 5:45 p.m. The chief described how events unfolded:

The suspect was driving one of the cars that crashed. He got out of the car, leaving behind two passengers, and then hopped in the passenger seat of a passing car driven by a woman and carjacked her. continue reading...

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