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Sunday, December 29, 2013

First wave of state inmates arrives at Cal City prison

Tehachapi NewsThe first busload of state inmates arrived at the California City Correctional Facility on Dec. 17. The prison previously housed federal inmates as a private prison operated by Corrections
Corporation of America, but a deal between the company and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation transferred operations to the state agency.

The contract was finalized in October, and since then, CDCR teams have begun the process of readying the facility, which has been dubbed CAC for California City, for housing Level 2 inmates.

Tim Traynham, a Tehachapi resident and retired annuitant, is one of the team members, assigned as the temporary public information officer. He explained that inmates will arrive in phases, the second of which is expected in February and will bring the population up to about 750.

"As the population grows, they're continually hiring," Traynham said. "That's when staff come in, that's why a lot of the prison right now is empty, because we don't need to fill it with staff until the inmates arrive."

CCA relocated all its inmates by the first week in December, according to CDCR public affairs representative Dana Simas.

The prison will house male inmates. Those who came in the first phase were transferred from Corcoran State Prison and California Men's Colony, which is near San Luis Obispo, Traynham said. The new arrivals were being processed Dec. 18 and meeting with a Unit Classification Committee to be assigned to jobs and education programs as applicable.

Covey said the inmates would probably begin work the following week. Traynham explained CAC has no prison industries program, so the available jobs will include tasks in the kitchen, upkeep inside the secure perimeter outdoors and laundry.

At full capacity, the prison can hold 2,300 inmates in regular housing, and an additional 200 in administrative segregation. A total of 683 staff members will man the prison once it is up to speed, 388 of whom will be custody staff. continue reading...

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