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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three Calipatria prison visitors arrested

Imperial Valley Press Authorities arrested three women visiting Calipatria State Prison on suspicion of
transporting methamphetamine, marijuana and heroin onto prison grounds Sunday.

Silvia Herrera, 46, of Inglewood was in the prison’s visiting room when prison staff noticed that she reached into her blouse and retrieved an item that she then placed into her mouth. After questioning, Herrera consented to a search of her person and the vehicle she drove onto prison grounds, said Lt. Everardo Silva,
Calipatria State Prison administrative assistant public information officer.

During the search, Herrera said she had driven to the prison with Alicia Corral, 28, of San Jose and Anissa Mendoza, 18, of Hawaiian Gardens.

Corral and Mendoza were questioned and consented to a search of their property within the vehicle, and staff found bindles of methamphetamine, marijuana and heroin, Silva said.

The methamphetamine weighed a total of 34 grams and has an estimated prison value of $51,000. The marijuana weighed a total of 29.3 grams and has an estimated prison value of $7,800, and the heroin weighed a total of two grams and has an estimated prison value of $15,000.

The evidence found didn’t link any inmate to the drugs found in the vehicle.

Herrera, Corral and Mendoza were booked into Imperial County Jail on suspicion of felony charges.

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