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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guard Stabbed At Corcoran State Prison

KMPHFour Corcoran State Prison guards were attacked by inmates Tuesday afternoon. One of the correctional officers was stabbed several times and the other three guards were injured.

According to prison officials around 3:22pm Tuesday the guards were taking inmates back to their cells. The Prison's Public Information Officer says inmate Dan Felix used a handmade handcuff key to break free from his cuffs. The Prison PIO says Felix then used an inmate-made weapon to stab a prison guard several times in his neck, head and shoulder.

Prison officials say other correctional officers ran to help and one of the guards was kicked by inmate Steven Rivera. Two other guards were injured on their wrists, backs and knees when they tried gain control over the situation.

The prison guard that was stabbed was airlifted to a hospital where he is in good condition. The other three correctional officers were also take to a hospital for treatment.

Prison officials the inmates that attacked the guards are violent. Dan Felix is serving life with the possibility of parole for attempted murder. Steven Rivera is serving life without the possibility of parole for murdering two people.

The prison's Investigative Services Unit is investigating.

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