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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Woman visiting prison reveals heroin hidden in mouth

Imperial Valley PressA Moreno Valley woman was arrested Sunday on suspicion of trying to smuggle
heroin into Calipatria State Prison.

Prison visiting staff noticed that visitor Cherrelle Annette Barber, 24, was acting nervous and refusing to make eye contact with staff as she entered the visiting area to see convicted murderer Jarmon Sandford, said Lt. Everardo Silva, Calipatria Prison administrative assistant public information officer.

Visiting staff separated the two and during questioning, Barber was unable to answer questions. She then opened her mouth and revealed a bindle containing 12 grams of heroin.

The heroin has an estimated prison value of $9,000, Silva said.

The evidence collected also linked Sandford to the crime, and he was placed into the prison’s administration segregation unit. Barber was booked into Imperial County Jail and is facing felony charges.

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