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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skinhead convicted in prison killing sentenced to death

The CalifornianAlready serving a sentence of life without parole for murder, Travis J. Frazier secreted a 7-inch knife in his rectum and entered the exercise yard of the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi on May 11, 2009 with the intention of making a name for himself.

Frazier and Kenneth Nowlin, self-described “skinheads,” followed through with their plan in brutal fashion. Nowlin held 20-year-old Evan Broderick while Frazier stabbed him 24 times in 18 seconds.

As Broderick lay on the ground, blood pouring from his wounds, Frazier stood over him and laughed.

He was all smiles again Wednesday even after Kern County Superior Court Judge John S. Somers sentenced him to death. Four California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officers led the shackled Frazier into the courtroom with what one of the officers called “mitts” covering his hands.

The “mitts” have no finger holes and were placed on Frazier to prevent him from grabbing anything in the courtroom.

Prosecutors say Frazier, 31, has shown no remorse and has a long history of violent behavior. Deputy District Attorney Andi Bridges said the death penalty was the only just sentence. continue reading...

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