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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

8 inmates recaptured after van vanishes in Okla. (Private)

SacbeeGuards shuttling inmates wearing street clothes inexplicably left eight of them alone in their transport van — with the keys — frustrating a local police chief called out to round up the prisoners after the vehicle vanished.

Six of the inmates were quickly back in police custody Tuesday afternoon. Two inmates accused of breaking out of the van's locked compartment and driving it a short distance before fleeing on foot were captured about 6 p.m.

Lester Burns and Michael Coleman were taken into custody in Weatherford, according to Assistant Police Chief Louis Flowers.

"Somebody called in on them. They saw them in the backyard of a residence," Flowers said, who added that the men were found virtually across the street from where they had left the van.

The two were arrested by Custer County deputies who were assisting in the search. There were no injuries, Flowers said.

The guards, employed by Prisoner Transportation Services of Nashville, Tenn., had stopped in Weatherford to take one or two inmates to a hospital when the prisoners fell ill.

Flowers said the guards left the inmates alone in a locked compartment in the van. continue reading...

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