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Friday, August 9, 2013

Prison Under Fire: Guards At North Branch Rally For Top Officials To Resign

CBS Maryland’s prison system–out of control. Correctional officers call for action after security leaders fail to warn them about a planned inmate attack.

It’s just one of a dozen assaults in recent weeks.

Monique Griego has the newest problem inside a state prison.

Earlier this week, a corrections officer was stabbed multiple times by an inmate. That officer later learned prison officials knew he was being targeted, but never told him.

Corrections officers from North Branch Correctional Institution in Western Maryland rally for the resignation of top prison officials. They say security leaders knew about a threat against two officers, but never told them.

Monday, one of the officers was stabbed in the ribs, head and arms by an inmate serving life. It was the prison’s 15th attack on an officer in just 30 days.

“You just have a lot of bad dreams about something like this. You don’t realize how hard it hits you until after it’s said and done,” said Herbert Hilliard, attacked by inmate. continue reading...

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