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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lawsuit filed over death of Stockton woman, 76, by parolee

KCRA 3The son and daughter of a woman allegedly raped and murdered by her grandson are suing the state and San Joaquin County for releasing him from the county jail after he violated parole.

The killing in February attracted attention from critics of AB109, the law that has sent some low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails, forcing the releases of parole violators and petty criminals to reduce crowding.

The Stockton Record reports that the lawsuit filed this month claims parole agents supervising Jerome Sidney DeAvila knew he was a danger to 76-year-old Racheal Renee Russell. He had made threats against her and had a history of drug use and violence.

Russell's nude body was discovered in a wheelbarrow behind her Stockton home. DeAvila, 40, was later found under the influence of drugs and wearing his grandmother's jewelry.

DeAvila's mother, Sandra Reece, and uncle Steven Russell Sr., filed the civil complaint Aug. 8 in San Joaquin Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that officials did not affix DeAvila with a GPS tracking device or warn the grandmother of his release.

"DeAvila has a lengthy criminal history, including sex crimes, drug use and violence," the lawsuit says. continue reading...

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