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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Calif. seeks to move inmates to private prisons

KCRA 3California officials say they will seek to move thousands of inmates to private prisons in a last-ditch attempt to avoid releasing violent offenders to ease prison crowding.

Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard told The Associated Press on Monday that the state will take the step after the U.S. Supreme Court last week refused to delay a lower court order requiring California to free nearly 10,000 inmates.

Beard says the state will ask a lower federal court to permit the state to house at least 4,000 inmates in privately operated cells in California and other states.

Although it is expensive to do so, Beard says it's a better option than freeing the inmates before they complete their full prison terms.

The state already houses nearly 9,000 inmates in private prisons in other states.

1 comment:

Relavent said...

Two steps forward five steps back when does the madness end.

Ultimately the money that has been wasted throughout this federal recievership fiasco, should have been poured into at least two new facilities, by now that has to be considered the competent and resonable fix for CDCR. That is if you substract the politics from the equation. Otherwise, the state has basically been burning mountains of taxpayer's hard earned cash for what you ask? The wasteful privilege for management to burn even more mountains of cash while still looking for the ever elusive quick fix!