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Thursday, July 11, 2013

More than 12,000 Calif. inmates on hunger strike

APCalifornia corrections officials say more than 12,400 prison inmates have skipped at least nine consecutive meals, meaning they are considered to be on an extended hunger strike.

That's down from the more than 30,000 inmates who started refusing meals this week. They are protesting conditions for gang members who are held in confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison near Eureka.

Additionally, more than 1,300 inmates are refusing to go to work or classes, down from about 2,300 on Monday.

The department said Thursday that those who participate in the protest could face disciplinary action. Corrections officials also threatened to confiscate food items that some inmates have stockpiled in their cells.

Two separate prison hunger strikes in 2011 involved between 4,000 and 6,500 inmates.


Anonymous said...

Threatened to take away food items in the cell?! That's policy! If they are claiming to be on a hunger strike, all food items come out of the cell.

Basic corrections 101


Had canteen draw today 3/w...working 1/W tonight and all.week...hahahaha NO HUNGER STRIKE AT MY JOINT! They all are eating at night, during 1/w. All they are doing is refusing "STATE ISSUE" meals.

Anonymous said...

Of course that's what they are doing. They don't have what it takes to actually be on a hunger strike. These guys can't hold down jobs, and don't have the common sense to know that the boys at PBSP are all P's of S.

How could anyone think they could pull of an actual hunger strike? They can't. But even if they could, it's nothing more than manipulation. Let them play their games, ignore them and the games will stop.

Give them all more time for participating in the games.

B-Polished said...

All canteen items were inventoried and removed from strike participants cells. Of course the amount of canteen was much smaller (especially on the mainline side) than normal food stockpiling. Package/canteen items will be returned once strike participation ends.

Would participation in a hunger strike called by known validated STG (Prison Gang) 'leaders' be considered points of validation by participation in known gang activity that is orchestrated, and documented, by validated gang leaders and/or shot callers?
I'm Just Sayin...

Anonymous said...

so this is how the media is going to tell the story,
"Guards take food from inmates forcing them to go hungry in solidarity with other inmates"

Anonymous said...

These bums aren't on a hunger strike they are following orders from gang leaders to not eat state food. 3/4 of these guys don't even know why they are doing this. STUPID!!!!!! what the prison officials should do is donate all left over food to the local homeless shelters and turn this into something good. We could use some good publicity right about now

Anonymous said...

Dream on the federal reciever got the department on blast, beating upper management like the old worn out punching bag they have become. He got game they get shame, because they are unaware of the arena they are in, and the game that is being played.