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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Medical staff keep tabs on some California inmates who refuse food

LA TimesTen inmates who began refusing meals July 1 are under medical observation, prison officials said Tuesday.

The inmates are incarcerated at High Desert State Prison near the Nevada border in northeast California.

J. Clark Kelso, the federal receiver who oversees prison healthcare, said the inmates would be referred to a physician if they go 17 days without food or show signs of distress.

The 10 inmates stopped eating their regularly scheduled meals one week before the protest spread throughout the prison system Monday.

Officials said 30,000 inmates in two-thirds of the state's prisons and four out-of-state facilities have refused meals. Hunger strikes are not recognized until inmates refuse nine consecutive meals, officials said.

Inmates at High Desert issued a hand-written letter spelling out their demands for improved prison conditions. They're seeking cleaner facilities, better food and more access to the prison library.

More demands have been issued at Pelican Bay State Prison near the Oregon border and one of four prisons with a secure housing unit. Inmates want a five-year limit on solitary confinement and better conditions.


Anonymous said...

A Hunger strike is no different than a work stoppage. It's manipulation. Them simply trying to get their way.

The hunger strike needs to be ignored or do like they are doing in Gitmo right now. They have inmates trying to hunger strike and they are force feeding them through tubes. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Our department is weak, they will cave to the demands,

Anonymous said...

Maybe if i go on a work stoppage and stop bringing a lunch I could say I'm on a strike.. My demands are 2/w with sat/sun/ holidays. I want an iPad for my podium and an xm radio. My last demand I want is two hot partners instead of the fat ugly ones I have now....... Once I get these demands met I will start coming to work and ill also start bringing my lunch and eating again..... Think ill get my requests met? The sad part is I work, take care of my family, follow the law and give back to my community. These scum bags rape kids, kill people and break into your home in the middle of the night. So why are we listening to what they want, the hell with them.... Im creating a new post 3/w tues/wed off executing inmates..... Take that you dirty liberals.........
Pbsp c/o

Anonymous said...

fuk those inmates im not sorry one bit..they want better food better bedding and the best health care ..lol we got families who bust ass all day every day and they dont have any health care coverage..and homeless in our streets but these idiots wanna go on stike ... well let em bite the dust prison population will be down to meet the federal demands faster ...