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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Inmate escapes from Ironwood State Prison, captured by CHP

Palo Verde Valley Times An inmate who somehow escaped from Ironwood State Prison (ISP) within the last 24 hours is already in custody after being detained by California Highway Patrol officers on either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Details on how the inmate escaped from ISP and ended up in CHP custody are unknown. ISP officials did stress that the inmate was classified as a minimum level inmate and therefore was housed outside the secure perimeter that is reserved for the medium to higher level inmates. ISP's minimum level inmates are housed in a dormitory setting surrounded by just a chainlink fence. The minimum support facility is outside and adjacent to the minimum and high level secured facility.

Preliminary reports from an ISP official said that escaped inmate, Eric Edleman, 43, is from Tulare County. Edleman was serving a sentence stemming from charges of a controlled substance. The third term inmate entered California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) in November 2012 and was transferred to ISP on March 24, 2013. He was set for release on Nov. 16, 2015 but will now face new charges as a result of the escape.

The facility went on lockdown on Saturday as a result of the incident, suspending visitation. The lockdown has since been lifted and visitation will resume on Sunday. For more information on visitation call the hotline at 1-800-374-8474.

More details regarding this incident will be available as CDCR officials continue an investigation at which time Warden David Long will release a full statement.


T Gonzalez said...

I guess all those free programs and hug a thug mentality from administurds did not work.

Anonymous said...

What is this the fifth in 4 days? Somebody is sleeping or playing soduko.

Anonymous said...

My bad only 4 inmates escaped.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. If this is a CDCR rank and file site, which it is, why would the administrator of this blog close down a blog and violate the FIRST amendment? Oh ya these are correctional officers, we aims to please...we don't enforce the U.S. Constitution we enforce the California Code of Regulations. CDCR are not cops. Point taken.

T Gonzalez said...

Ur still here? If you want to spread ur inmate loving mentality why dont u go a hug a thug site. Last I checked they're bais as well when others post the truth about u guys locked up. Kick rocks and head over there. The adminitrator should ban you from this site period.

KNOW IT ALL said...

Sorry but when people hide behind "anonymous" and want to start calling out peoples families like moms or wives, then you get deleted. This is a private site that is not ran by the government. So if the site administrator (which is me) feels like deleting comments, I will to keep the peace. You have no right to be able to comment on this site. If you don't like the site or agree with me then don't come to the blog. No one is forcing you too.

Anonymous said...

Not only that KNOWITALL. This is a private blog, and the first amendment does not apply here. You own the site. Just like you wouldn't allow someone to crap in your front lawn you don't have to let them crap on your web site.

Kinda goofy they even tried to bring up first amendment lol

This isn't a CDCR rank and file site. It's a private blog.


Anonymous said...

I really hate it when shitbag parolees and shitbag family members of parolees find these types of blogs and feel they need to be heard. Keep deleting these shitbags Gonzo....good work brother...Bravo Zulu!

Anonymous said...

Yup sounds like an inmate, always thinking he has something coming. Go away you troll