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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown holds strong hand on prisons

LA TimesThree liberal federal judges — relics of the Jimmy Carter era — are trying to force Gov. Jerry Brown to release nearly 10,000 criminals from state prisons. Politically, it doesn't get much better for a governor.

The judges are threatening to hold Brown in contempt of court if he refuses to free the felons.

Go ahead, to paraphrase a former Carmel mayor, make his day. Fine him.

That's one fine, I suspect, most California taxpayers would gladly pay for a governor trying to keep bad guys behind bars.

Except if I were an ambitious state controller like John Chiang, I'd refuse to write the check.

Then what? The federal government could retaliate by withholding funds from the state, such as money to help pay for poor people's medical care. Would President Obama really allow that? He has more political smarts. You'd think.

The judges could order federal marshals to open the cell doors. Brown then could stand in one, a la segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace. That certainly didn't hurt Wallace politically.

And Wallace was shamefully standing in the schoolhouse door trying to protect a university's bigotry from integration by black students. Brown would be heroically protecting citizens from thugs.

The marshals could slap cuffs on the governor and drag him off to jail. Can't visualize that, either. But there'd be no better way for him to campaign for reelection next year. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

The defiant rat who dares to take on the eagle, in most cases become no more than a meal for the predator. In this case the eagle has an inside man who has taken meticulous notes of the prison systems on going problems. He then strategically uses that data to further sink the claws of the federal government into its unsuspecting victim. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Pay close attention to the dance the state and feds have been performing. The recievership has been the unknown choreographer, who has been throwing a twist into the dance between performances. The problem is the state has yet to figure it out they have to out manuever the inside man, whose game is tight since its gone unnoticed far to long.

Anonymous said...

The whole (Inmates receiving insufficient healthcare in prison) idea is straight BULLSHIT. They get better healthcare than we as officers get. Better healthcare than the elderly. Better than our children.

If I'm not feeling well, I can't call for a gurney and have it show up at my door almost immediately free of charge. Inmates can.

The three liberal judges don't give a damn about inmate healthcare, it's all about pushing an agenda. It always is with corrupt people in power.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it is about time for a Grand Jury to do an unannounced tour of the prisons to see exactly the gold shield health care the crooks are getting. Only when the people of California get inside and see the real thing, this crap will go on. Judges and receivers just making jobs for themselves till they can get to retirement,,,,,,,