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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Federal judges reject California request to delay inmate releases

Fresno BeeA panel of three federal judges overseeing California's prison overcrowding case today denied Gov. Jerry Brown's request for a stay of their order that the state immediately begin reducing inmate populations by nearly 10,000 inmates.

The state had sought a stay of the panel's June 20 inmate reduction order while it sought a different outcome before the U.S. Supreme Court.

But the three-judge panel rejected the request for a stay, reiterating their earlier finding that California has defied orders to reduce its inmate population to 137.5 percent of capacity by the end of this year.

The judges noted that the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011 upheld their finding that inmate populations had to be reduced to afford inmates proper access to health care and mental health services.

"After this long history of defendants' noncompliance, this court cannot in good conscience grant a stay that would allow defendants to both not satisfy the Population Reduction Order and re-litigate the Supreme Court's emphatic decision in the very case before us," today's order concluded.


Anonymous said...

What, did anybody really think it was going to be any other way. The only way to defeat the feds is to keep them out of your business. California gave them an engraved invitation by dragging their feet through several administrations.

The Schwarzenegger administration had the last window of opprotunity, that was pissed away through arrogant defiance. As a result, Governor Brown had no wiggle room to effectively challenge the federal mandate. So now the public again, must pay for the mistakes of California's prison system leadership's mistakes. Thanks a lot Arnold!

Anonymous said...

10,000 inmates leaving custody equals how many correctional jobs out the window? This will be a bigger mess than the first couple waves guarantee....and 5,000 inmates leaving asp and pvsp and we have a huge, huge disaster on the way

Anonymous said...

Hold on don't panic. Since AB-109 the forced reduction has had an up tick with inmates returning to the custody of California. ASP and PVSP is a hit on the system, but they are issues that should have been addressed along time ago. However when cooler and sensible minds finally wrap their minds around the previous mistakes made, there is hope a reasonable solution can be pulled out of this totally avoidable predicament California is currently in.

If your answer to the question I'm about to ask is yes, don't stress out. Has the population at the prison you are in increased with the exceptions of asp and pvsp (due to valley fever)? Those being released via the federal legal mandate, more than 50% will be returning.