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Friday, July 26, 2013

California's crime rates inch up in 2012

SacbeeThe number of violent crimes and property crimes in California inched up between 2011 and 2012, according to a new analysis of crime data released by the Attorney General's office on Friday.

A press release from the office stressed that crime rates are down drastically from their levels 20 years ago. Californians endured 160,629 violent crimes in 2012, far below a 20-year peak of 345,508 in 1992. That reduction comes despite California's population growing by more than six million people since 1992.

Nevertheless, the findings will likely serve as ammunition to critics of Gov. Jerry Brown's criminal justice policies. In an effort to reduce prison overcrowding known as realignment, Brown has presided over a push to send low-level offenders to county jails, in some cases spurring early releases.

Former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, a Republican poised to challenge Brown for the governorship in 2014, has signaled that realignment will likely form a centerpiece of his campaign. continue reading...

1 comment:

Relavent said...

No chit!!!! The brain trust is responsible for the up tick in the crime rate. Fast tracking AB-109 in an economically poor California climate was an incubator for the crime rate to rise. The thoughtless politicians who rubber stamped AB-109 are all accomplices in the crimes committed by those released early from state prisons under the ill-fated program. Inmates were put on the streets early to join people already struggling to survive in the piss poor economic environment California's politicians helped to create, with their power to legislate.

Shamelessly championing AB-109 as a viable and working program is madness. In theory and practice the facts are a glaring testimony that AB-109 does not work, unless it was intended to get a specific response from the public for a targeted agenda.