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Monday, July 22, 2013

California prison officials to meet with advocates of striking inmates

LA TimesCalifornia prison officials have agreed to meet with advocates for inmates who are now in their third week of a statewide hunger strike. The discussions are to take place Tuesday in Sacramento.

Though state Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard said California has had "ongoing conversations" with leaders of the prison protest over solitary confinement conditions, Tuesday's meeting will mark the first time the state has sat down with outside advocates for those inmates since before the protests began July 8.

The discussion will include a top state prison administrator but not Beard himself. "We hope he will eventually talk to us himself," said Laura Magnani, one of the inmate advocates, from the San Francisco office of the American Friends Service Committee.

Magnani said she was encouraged the state is now willing to resume discussions with those representing the protesting inmates. As of Sunday, the number of hunger strikers had fallen to 1,081, down from more than 30,000 inmates who joined the protest its first day.

[Updated, 4:40 p.m. July 22: On Monday afternoon, the corrections department said the number of hunger strikers had dropped to 986 prisoners in 11 prisons, and 42 who continued to refuse to go to their prison jobs. The medical receiver's office said two inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison required hydration, and one at North Kern State Prison refused medical attention.] continue reading...


Anonymous said...

I guess gang members really do run the prisons in this state. Sad that CDC negotiates with these lowlifes. Fuck them and their advocates.

Melody Corona said...

Them prisoners are a hypoccritcal mess they talk aboyt respect in there n dobt folliw it trough now about fairness in prison how there being done well they shur is hell aint fair to alot of other inocent prisoners trying to just do there time n get transfered or do there time n go home these whining grown men with there politics of bull shit n inforcing these ridiclouse so called pokatics are do fucked up but they sit as bulls n do what they want among each other n mainly the surrenos, whites but the other racses have theres to not as fucked up but still fucked up your in prison assholes do your time you got your self ther

Melody Corona said...

I know I been there ive seen it first hand n excpirenced there fucked up lies n violence when one stands up for them selfs againt these assholes n says fuck u! No I wont then they act out in violence unfairly tards you or who ever there fakes alot of them the things they do inthere there wives n girlfriends wouldnt want to believe I k ow the truth there broke fucked up peopke there far from being real respectful men thats what there not

Anonymous said...

Prison officials will meet with crime advocates?! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

"Can u please let the shotcallers get out of the SHU so they could do bussiness as usual
There's a lot people on the hit list that need to be taken care of" Wonder is that what they going to hear.