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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Imperial Council drops inmate contract

Imperial Valley PressCentinela State Prison inmates won't be doing park maintenance and landscaping for the city's common areas starting in July, the City Council determined Wednesday.

The move ends a contract for inmate community work groups that lasted some five years.

"Over the course of the contracts there have been several occasions where crews had been on lock-down preventing them from coming to work," reads a report to the council that indicates the latest contract ends June 30.

After requesting proposals, staff recommended 3 Pros to be awarded a one year contract worth some $205,000.

The cost is higher with the private company, said Parks and Recreation Director Stan Armstrong prior to the meeting, but noted the difference is minimal.

Moreover, by contracting the private company the city is spared from providing and buying equipment for the crews.

"I don't have to pay for gas, oil mix, safety glasses.," said Armstrong.

During the meeting, Armstrong also noted 3 Pros will provide five employees for eight hours a day. That contrasts with the current service in which the number of crew varies. continue reading...

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