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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twenty One “Early Release” Sex Offenders Arrested In Three Weeks

CBS 2Twenty-one “early release” felons with histories of sexual offense were arrested throughout a three-week period in which an operation — being called the biggest of it’s kind in Los Angeles this year– took place.

“Operation Tracker” consisted of 137 compliance checks and searches that involved “AB 109″ felons, who have a history of sexual offense.

The felons in the sweep had been released from prison earlier than they would have been before the AB-109 guidelines took effect.

The operation also resulted in the seizure of a number of computers, hard-drives, and phones.

Heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana were also seized during the operation.

In addition, children were found at a residence shared by a person who had previously been convicted of sexual offense against children, according to Los Angeles County Department of Probation officer Carol lin.

“When you go to a residence, and you find children in the home, it elevates the situation,” said the operation’s lead supervisor Steven Howell. “It is no longer a ‘compliance check’. It is now an investigation. Your investigation focuses on the children.” continue reading...


Anonymous said...

That's all fine and dandy, but the truth is they will get right back out! This is total bullshit. This whole process is a total nightmare.

Danny said...

Margarita Perez knows that probation can't function like Parole. Conducting 1 home visit to a probationer once every 4 months isn't going to prevent crime. Of course when they do a massive sweep there going to be lots of arrests because they haven't been supervised correctly. Also these guys don't see the inside of a cell anymore under AB-109. This is the most retarded radical criminal justice law shift in history. Governor Brown is a idiot.