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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Texas executes Parr for killing fellow drug dealer (Wake Up California)

Fox NewsA Texas death row inmate convicted of killing a fellow drug dealer while robbing him outside of a Waco convenience store 10 years ago was executed Tuesday evening.

In the seconds before being injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital, Carroll Joe Parr told the wife of his victim that she should talk to her brother and that he would "tell you the truth about what happened to your husband."

Then he said he had a "statement to the world." He said he was "in the midst of the truth."

"I am good. I am straight," Parr said.

He added that he wanted his "partners" or friends to know that he would "be back" like the Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator" film character.

"I'm on my way back. These eyes will close, but they will be opened again," he said before telling his family he loved them and thanking his spiritual adviser. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

Death role Texas style expedient not a burden on taxpayer's purses and wallets. California style the condemned die of nature causes or at their own hands, costing the citizens of a state with prison overcrowding and public safety issues.

What's the problem Golden State citizens want to know? California is sleep walking and won't wake up due to political issues, induced by the bleeding hearts of those who are not the ever growing numbers of victims!

Anonymous said...

He is good? He is Straight? He is dead, straight straight.