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Friday, May 3, 2013

Salinas Valley prison inmate convicted of battering correctional officer

The CaliforianBrian Davis, 35, a Salinas Valley State Prison inmate, has been convicted of felony battery on a correctional officer for squirting a liquid from a shampoo bottle into the officer’s eyes, the Monterey County district attorney’s office said today.

The crime occurred Aug. 24, 2009, as the officer tried to conduct a routine cell search, prosecutors said. The squirted liquid caused the officer to become disoriented as he tried to get the stinging liquid out of his eyes, prosecutors said. The officer’s partner came to his aid to end the attack, they said.

Judge Mark E. Hood sentenced Davis to a term of six years in state prison for the attack.

At the time of the attack, Davis was serving a minimum term of 35 years for using a firearm to murder his live-in girlfriend on September 12, 1997. This new conviction will be taken into consideration when Davis applies for parole, prosecutors said.

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