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Monday, May 13, 2013

Recent corrections officer shooting brings officer safety to forefront

The SunA team of law-enforcement agents armed and wearing tactical gear enter the home of a gang member.

The team quickly gathers up all the occupants while going room to room, making sure the home is secure and safe.

In one room, posted on a wall is a newspaper article with a picture.

Nate Scarrano, a supervising San Bernardino County probation officer, walks up to the article and recognizes the man in the picture.

It's him.

"This guy had my picture up in his house," recalled Scarrano, then a SMASH Gang team member.

Scarrano and all law-enforcement agents are always reminded to be vigilant when it come to safety, but the recent shooting of a Chino corrections officer at a Colton gas station has been a sobering reminder to many that danger can be lurking around any and every corner.

"It definitely reminds us to remain vigilant and brings an awareness of these kinds of things," said Pomona police Lt. Joann Guzek.

The Chino corrections officer, who remains hospitalized in critical condition and whose identity continues to be withheld by authorities, was shot in the face at the Colton gas station. He was wearing his corrections uniform pants as he pumped gasoline into his vehicle.

Two Riverside gang members, Anthony Gomez, 31, and Christopher Marquez, 26, have been arrested in connection with the shooting. continue reading...

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