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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Man uses spoon to escape prison

KCRA 3A convicted murderer managed to escape one of Russia's most infamous maximum-security prisons. His method? Digging by spoon.

Oleg Topalov, 33, is only the fourth person in 20 years to break out of Matrosskaya Tishina in Moscow, according to Sky News.

Serving time for double murder and arms trafficking, he used the spoon to create a hole in his cell roof, opened a ventilation shaft and then climbed to the prison’s roof.

From there, Topalov used sheets to scale down the prison wall and escape over the main fence, UPI reported.

Investigators have accused prison staff of a "dishonest or careless attitude to their work that was made use of by the prisoner Topalov."

Topalov remains on the loose.

The prison’s last known escape occurred in 2005, when convicted hitman Aleksandr Solonik used mountain climbing equipment provided to him by a prison officer to escape, according to Sky News.

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