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Friday, May 3, 2013

Charges Filed Against OIA Investigators


Anonymous said...

OiA is weak. Lame, and liars! Disgrace to the badge.

Anonymous said...

Anytime an Officer loses their job and later reinstated these lying bitches should be investigated. They lie and less than truthful this is the reason an officers life gets turned upside down. They should get fired for making a wrong decision when it affects an officers life and the officers have to fight for their jobs. Then these bitches get to sit back without any consequences. I'm glad these OIA bitches have to answer for their lying ways. I only hope more of them have to answer for their lying ways.

Relavent said...

The lies are backed up by the suits approval condoning the behavior that allows the rampant abuse of authority within the department. That abuse has become apart of CDCR's dysfunctional culture that intimidates employees with the fear of unethical practices that should not exist within the department.