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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Admin staff fill in for prison guards during strike (AU)

ABC NewsSome employees at the privately-owned Southern Queensland Correctional Centre walked off the job at the weekend over wages and conditions - they are threatening further action.

The jail's owners Serco say some staff not rostered on offered to work during the strike and normal staff levels were maintained.

However, Michael Clifford from the United Voice union says the strike did affect the prison's operation.

"Nearly all the people covered by this enterprise agreement, the cooks and the dogs and custodial officers, we know that nearly all of those people were on strike," he said.

"They have tried to get administrative staff to fill the custodial positions.

"They're struggling to make sure they keep the place running. To say it had no impact is completely untrue."

Mr Clifford says the union has given notice of more industrial action this weekend but he says further talks with Serco may resolve the matter. continue reading...

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