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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

$50,000 Prisoner Prescription: Inmates Get Expensive Hepatitis C Treatment

CBS 13There’s a disease running rampant and the cost of treating it is astronomical.

Hepatitis C is one of the most common diseases and can carry a death sentence.

The cost of fighting it runs into the tens-of-thousands of dollars.

But with tight budgets there’s debate on whether prison inmates be given the most expensive, top-of-the-line medications?

It’s a question of responsible compassion.

“I was living, at one point in my time, in my life, as a youth pretty recklessly,” Paul Sousa admits with quiet candor.

Life for Sousa was filled with drug use.

He says it was destiny; he just did what he saw his mother, and the other relatives who raised him, do – they were hippies who loved to party.

And the party didn’t end when, in 1992, Sousa tested positive for Hepatitis C. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the scum being supported by the cream, no expense is too great,,,

Anonymous said...

What else is new? The have been getting name brand meds for free since forever.

As time goes on liberal law makers and judges will make sure they only get more and more at tax payers expense.