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Friday, May 3, 2013

2 charged in shooting of Calif. prison guard

APTwo men were arrested in a shooting that critically wounded a state correctional officer at a
 gas station on the outskirts of Riverside.

The 52-year-old guard suffered at least one gunshot wound late Thursday and was taken to a hospital, Colton police said. Corrections officials said he was wearing a prison uniform jumpsuit with a civilian shirt.

The guard described the two men and their vehicle to police, and police officers in Riverside found the suspects several hours later.

Christopher Marquez, 24, and Anthony Gomez, 31, both of Riverside, were arrested early Friday after one tried to run from officers. They were booked into the San Bernardino County jail on charges of attempted homicide and conspiracy. Colton police said the men have gang ties.

Police declined to say whether the guard was targeted because of his job.

Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard said the 26-year veteran was in critical condition Friday. Officers' hearts are heavy, Beard said, "after learning two people tried to murder one of our correctional officers."

"The Colton Police Department is investigating this tragic incident and we are thankful they immediately transported the officer to the hospital," Beard said.


Anonymous said...

Marquez is the triggerman not Gomez.... Marquez needs to man up to his charges...Marquez is the SOB that got Gomez charged with him. Gomez had no control over Marquez's actions...F... Marquez Free Gomez...

Anonymous said...

You and Gomez LOVERS sounds like your in love

Collector said...

Their Guilty I want both thier souls gomez u are going to be their a long time goodluck! Marquez your mine but your gonna suffer first see u in hell