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Friday, April 26, 2013

State Board Notes

Talk of the contract and we shouldn’t be expecting anything for the next couple of months. They had about four (4) sessions with the state no real big issues brought up yet.

The memo about the lunch bag and the enhance searches are on the table. CCPOA and the state are still meeting on this issue. CCPOA was on the table about both memos when the state sent the memos out. Both memos are on hold as of now.

Manage access system, blocking of cell phones is going to go statewide.

All C/O’s that were laid off during wave one (1) and wave two (2) will be offered a
chance to come back. Academy scheduled for May 13th, about seventy (70) cadets.

Hoping to roll over PICOs by the end of May, this will depend on YOUR institutions vacancies.

One (1) for One (1) transfers MIGHT open up again sometime in May, along with regular transfers.

Wave three (3) coming to an end April 30th. Wave four (4) starts in July.

Stockton facility, staff might start reporting June/July.

PLP ends June 30th, and July 1st four (4%) percent raise for top out Officers. Supervisors, three (3%) percent.

Walk Time lawsuit still going through discovery phase.

No news on POFFII, follow the bill online, SB 277 (Beall)

Roughly 12,000 inmates looking to come back from out of state transfers, with the possibilities of housing them in Community Correctional Facilities…….

A motion was made and passed by roll call vote to renew Sacramento River Cat tickets, (NO votes coming from Avenal, Tehachapi, and chuck helton)

End of State board notes

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Anonymous said...

That's bullshit how cdcr is having a academy!! When you have officers working at pelican bay and high dessert and many other prisons far from where they live. They should have first choice of vacancies