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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prison employee arrested

Imperial Valley PressA Calipatria State Prison employee was arrested Tuesday on suspicion that he was bringing drugs into the prison, according to a prison official.

Randy Harris, 52, was arrested at the prison around 7:30 a.m. by prison staff in conjunction with other law enforcement, Calipatria State Prison Community Resource Manager Claudia Macias said.

Harris is a material and store supervisor 1 and has been employed with the prison for five years. He was booked into Imperial County jail and is anticipated to be charged with introduction of a controlled substance into a prison facility.

The investigation is ongoing.


Anonymous said...

Bet he's suddenly wondering, was it really worth it? Hell no! What was his unreasonable expectation, that the transactions were the equivalent of a part time job on the side? Really what goes through the minds of fools hired to enforce but instead break the same rules. Damn good executive material just got caught up! The only good thing is he wasn't a cop.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't an officer. He was a free staff.

Anonymous said...

Aint no fun when the rabbit gets the gun... yeah, now he'll be buying and eating the same soups and snacks he was selling to inmates.. Dont feel sorry for this clown at all.