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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pressed for time

The RecordRon Rackley is a man on a very tight deadline.

As warden of the new California Health Care Facility still under construction in southeast Stockton, in 90 days, give or take, he's got to be ready to welcome his first patient-inmates.

That includes helping oversee the hiring and training of more than 2,000 additional employees at the medical prison; developing policies and procedures to securely confine more than 1,700 convicted prisoners while at the same time seeing to their medical and mental health needs; and coordinating it all within three state agencies, each responsible for a different part of the prison operation.

"This is a first-time experience for everybody working on this project," Rackley said Wednesday. "There's nothing else like this."

At this point, work on the 1.2 million-square-foot facility is proceeding rapidly.

While not primarily responsible for the construction work, Rackley said, "What I know is the project is on schedule and within budget."

Still, he admitted the press is on.

"I will say that each day that goes by, the anxiety increases," he said. "The amount of work we have to do ... is still considerable."

Perhaps the biggest challenge will be to get the facility complete and properly licensed to provide patient care before the first inmates arrive in July. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, just another one of Ronald Reagan's legacy, he was the one that closed the mental health prisons/insane asylums and said "we do not need separate facilities, the department of corrections can house them all". Now we have to pay to build new facilities after thge others were sold or just closed down,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Reagan was right, or at least he would have been had prisons been ran like prisons and not catering country clubs.

Anonymous said...

prisons are not ran like country clubs, Why would you think that? cci took out the golf course and put in the SAP trailers. That leaves them only tennis, volley ball, baseball, football, soccer, batche ball, racket ball, bad-mitten. That is prison, without golf,,,,