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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kern Valley State Prison staff parents take kids to work for the day

KEROToday is take your child to work day and Kern Valley State Prison was no exception. Children of prison staff tagged along with their parents to work as kids learned what their parents do in a maximum security prison.

There is no place for children, but it is where these kids' parents work: Kern Valley State Prison.'

"It's a really cool experience to see pretty much everything your dad or mom does every day," said Haley Arlitz.

24 boys and girls participated in take your child to work day, learning about jobs like confiscating homemade weapons and contraband from inmates to using search dogs and firefighting.

"I think working in a prison the kids don't have a concept of it because it's not something you run into every day," said Clinical Psychologist Robert Oropeza. "So coming here they see the fences, they see their parents are putting themselves at risk and I think they get a better appreciation about what their parents do." continue reading...


Anonymous said...

What retard would take there kids to work with them so the inmates can know what your kids look like

Anonymous said...

I do the job so my kids don't have to see that crud.

Anonymous said...

What retard spells their as there in that context?