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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jerry Brown tours prison after court ruling on crowding

LA TimesFreshly home from his trade tour of China, Gov. Jerry Brown made a quiet and unannounced stop: prison.

The governor spent a little more than an hour on Friday at the California Institution for Men, a state prison in Chino. He was accompanied by his corrections secretary, Jeffrey Beard, and the prison system's head psychologist and acting chief of inmate mental healthcare, Tim Belavich.

[Updated, 2:15 p.m. April 23: Brown, who spoke about the trip on Tuesday, said he found no support for allegations of a continued crisis in care, even from staff hired by the court's medical receiver.

"The chief medical director appointed by the receiver says that the charges of the plaintiffs are just not true. Some of them spoke more strongly and said that they’re lying, distorting the facts," Brown told reporters. He repeated his vow to fight any court order to release inmates from the state's still-crowded prisons. Federal judges have deemed that crowding prevents adequate delivery of medical and mental health care to inmates.

The governor also said he has hired a team of “Washington lawyers” to appeal the court ruling, while working with legislative leaders to craft a plan to lower the prison population by another 10,000 inmates should those legal appeals fail.]

Brown had pledged to visit state prisons when he learned while abroad earlier this month that a panel of federal judges had refused his motion to end control over prison crowding and rejected his claims that issues over substandard inmate care no longer exist. Just prior to that, one of those judges had ruled California continues to provide unconstitutionally poor psychiatric care to inmates. continue reading...


Relavent said...

Save the money being spent on washington lawyers and just fix the broken prison system that will resolve the major problems. Focus on the job at hand, read the Strategic plan 2010-2015 it was off the mark an unrealistic from conception. Pay close attention to the timelines and what is currently going on in California, CDCR, the counties, and most importantly public safety.

Cates opening message to the plan praises a Governor who based on actions alone didn't give a damn about public safety, as indicated by the results of his tenure in the Governor's office.

By the way the Strategic Plan document claims 66,000 CDCR employees had input in the formulation of the plan. I doubt any one from the 33,000 custody staff who actually worked the lines in the 33 prisons had any say in the matter. Because if they had AB-109 would have been avoidable if the executives valued those worker's opinions. The counties would not be facing similar lawsuit inmates already won at the state level.

The unethical tactics that have been used by upper management doesn't inspire many to want to promote themselves out of their core values, into the upper management ranks of not being able to say no, when it is the appropriate and correct answer. If you can't freely voice your opinions without it being frowned upon as not being a team player, ideas that may actually work are unfortunately suppressed. How in hell does the department hope to get beyond its daunting problems by osmosis.

The system is broken and Cates left it in even worse condition. All the employees of CDCR was able to see the example by which he lead the department. He did not have the backbone to stand up for those who worked under him during his watch. He stood idly by while the bus of California economic woe of blame was rolled over custody staff endlessly during his unfortunate tenure as the Secretary of CDCR. If the position has no authority to truly address the issues why is it and other high level positions being maintained. Now there is some savings to be realized! The bean counters holds sway with the powers that be it seems, especially when considering the unsafe level of staffing forced upon the 33 prison, that wardens just had to suck up and deal with regardless of the safety and security that was undermined.

Cates own resolve to see the job done is questionable based on his smartly timed resignation. Which seems to remove himself from the fires of public safety failures being recognized for the disaster AB-109 is responsible for.

the commitment Schwarzenegger and Cates supposedly were dedicated to according to the Strategic plan was in words not deed. Their plan is a failure in so many aspects that a new plan is in desperate need right now, one that takes into consideration causes and effects instead of knee jerk diplomacy that should not have prevailed.

Anonymous said...

I think I can sum your words in a few.
We all said "that is fucking stupid, it will not work, it is unsafe for the public". Management did not listen. Management that knows anything were too scared to say "this is fucking stupid, it will not work and is a safety issue to the public" because they are more worried about pissing off someone above them than about what we are ultimately paid to do. Protect the public and crime victims from further harm at all costs!!!

Relavent said...

Thanks Anonymous greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

just build more fucking prisons.

Anonymous said...

just build more fucking prisons.