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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown's prison program blamed in fatal stabbing

LA TimesThe case of a convicted felon who allegedly stabbed a woman to death at a Fontana park-and-ride has exposed flaws in Gov. Jerry Brown's controversial plan to give local governments responsibility for nonviolent prisoners, San Bernardino County authorities said Tuesday.

David Mulder, 43, a transient with a history of drug-related convictions, was shot and killed Sunday night by a California Highway Patrol officer responding to a report of a woman being attacked in a car near the San Bernardino Freeway. Elisa VanCleve, 49, of Rialto was in the car with Mulder and died of stab wounds.

County probation officials said Mulder was released from state prison Sept. 25 under the governor's realignment program, which transferred supervision of prisoners and probationers convicted of nonviolent and non-sex-related crimes to local agencies.

Realignment was approved after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld federal oversight of California's overcrowded prisons. Local law enforcement agencies have complained of being overrun by prisoners and parolees sent to county jails, treatment programs and probation supervision — even with additional state funding.

A week before the killing, another felon released to county supervision under the program allegedly raped a woman in a Fontana motel room, according to the Fontana Police Department. Juan Francisco Aguilera, 30, had convictions for grand theft auto, drug possession, receiving stolen property and robbery. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

funny, it was not Jerry Brown's "program", it was the three judge panel and the legislature's "program"!! Does no one ALREADY CONVENIENTLY forget that little thing called AB-109 that the judges wanted and the legislature got down on knees to pass??!! Who is going to hold them ACCOUNTABLE?? Who's going to PROSECUTE them for aiding and abetting a know felon in the commission of a crime??!!

Anonymous said...

Who's going to prosecute them for aiding and abetting is exactly what I would be asking, especially if I was a family member of one of the many (AB109) victms. Victims that would have not been murdered, or scarred for life, if AB 109 was NOT in existence.

In a word, AB 109 is simply - CRIMINAL!

Relavent said...

Unfortunately the truth is the three judge panel's decision was prompted by years of CDCR executives not handling business. I had the mouth piece for the prison ask me, "why people were so mad at them (administration) for the decision made by a three judge panel"? While at the same time denying me access to the Healthcare Symposium, all employees were invited to attend. I explained to him that before the feds ever got involved, management failed on so many different levels for years (come to find out 17 years) to put the department on the right path that could have avoided the feds involvement. The dysfunctional ass kissing managerial process in place was and still is a direct cause and effect of the problems most blame the judges for. The three panel judges did not make California create the public hazard known as AB-109. The classic knee jerk response of the reactionary department spawned the public safety issues being experienced all over California.

However I agree with you that it was not Jerry Brown's program. There was along history of non-compliance already on the books. Schwarzenegger's inactivity when he was handling the prison overcrowding and inmate healthcare issues fast tracked the three judge panel's decision. The way CDC was being ran by the executives of the department telegraphed the possibility of federal intervention. Today it is obvious of just how badly the department was being ran. Has anyone noticed anything that would indicate things are improving. Because I still believe they can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag! The training and expertise has yet to be put in place.