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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crime victims call for repeal of realignment at Capitol rally

KCRA 3Tackling crime was part of Gov. Jerry Brown's message to crime victims and their families at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

Many of those families want to repeal California's controversial realignment plan, designed to lower the state prison population.

"The federal courts are saying they're going to hold me in contempt," Brown told a rally of hundreds on the west steps of the Capitol.

The governor has been squeezed by federal judges, who are demanding he lowers the prison population by 10,000 inmates.

But Brown said he wants to make California safe.

"So, we don't have to let out those 10,000 people," the governor said. "And I pledge to you I will do everything under the law to achieve that result."

The crowd responded with loud applause.

Brown is resistant to putting any more inmates back in state prison. continue reading...

1 comment:

Relavent said...

When government on one level battles with government on another level over legal matters who wins? Obviously it is not the people put in harms way, it is government. The game being played out here makes no sense especially, when the people who are suppose to be protected by both California and the Federal Government, are serves up as road kill for those they are suppose to be protected from.

Innmates unsafely rushed out of any prison system due to overcrowding and medical reasons, should not impact the public safety as negatively as the results of AB-109 has displayed. What about the health of the victims these governments have made the casulties of quick and convenient politics?

Come on Feds be reasonable Arnold is no longer the Governor. Governor Brown wants to do the right thing. Give the man and the state an 18 month stay to fix the problem, instead of forcing more inmate releases with similar or worse public safety disasters. Doesn't the statistics indicate something else needs to be tried!