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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Company that runs Idaho's largest private prison admits employees falsified staffing records

APThe private company that operates Idaho's largest prison admitted Thursday that it falsified nearly 4,800 hours of staffing records over seven months last year in violation of its annual contract with the state.

The admission by the Nashville, Tenn.-based Corrections Corporation of America is the latest in a string of staffing problems alleged or being investigated at the Idaho Correctional Center south of Boise. Earlier this year, the Idaho Department of Correction asked state police to investigate staffing discrepancies at the lockup.

The company on Thursday confirmed its internal review concluded some employees at the prison falsified the number of hours worked last year, starting in May and running through November. Those workers will be reprimanded, and the company told the Department of Correction it will reimburse the state for the falsified hours.

Department spokesman Jeff Ray said the agency intends to do a separate review of the Corrections Corporation of America's findings. He said it's too soon to determine how the state will proceed or act on the contract violation. The company's annual $29 million contract expires in June 2014 but could be renewed another two years.

"I think the focus right now has been figuring out how many hours were lost and who was involved," Ray said. "Later we'll certainly explore how to go forward from there." continue reading...

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