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Monday, April 1, 2013

Assemblyman Cooley calls for tweaks to prison realignment

SacbeeAssemblyman Ken Cooley said Monday that his bill returning certain drug traffickers to prison to serve long-term sentences is not a challenge to the state's realignment program, but rather is part of a discussion on how to improve the current law.

After touring the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Galt, the Rancho Cordova Democrat said Assembly Bill 222 affects a relatively small group, about 40 inmates statewide, whose terms are increased due to a sentence enhancement for selling, possessing or transporting excessive quantities -- more than one kilogram or 30 liters -- of cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine.

Cooley said those inmates don't fit in at Rio Cosumnes or other a county jail facilities, which focus on rehabilitation efforts such as education and vocational programs to help inmates return to society.

Rio Cosumnes houses 2,100 inmates, including 380 inmates who would normally be serving time in prison, but who, after realignment, were sent to the jail. Under realignment, the state has tried to satisfy a court order to drastically reduce the state prison population by shifting the responsibility for certain low-level offenders from the prison and parole system to county jails and probation.

Cooley said there needs to be a discussion about what is working under realignment and what is not. continue reading...


Anonymous said...

unless legislators call for the complete repeal, then they are blowing smoke up the peoples asses,,,,

Anonymous said...

how do you tweak a disaster to make it better? only the minds of politicians who can't admit they made a huge mistake. enough with the sound bites, its time to make things right. repeal AB-109 there's nothing to think about if the public safety is really important to California's elected officials and the figure head leadership of CDCR.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Michael Antonovich (LA politician) stated in a press release that AB109 is a " proven failure" . This came after the home kidnapping of a 10 year old girl in Northridge Ca. by 2 AB 109ers (aka- Jerrys kids). One of which is still roaming the streets, and being sought in the San Diego area. All well a precious little girls life will be forever scarred( God help her).

Now even the more liberal press in the LA area are finally opening their eyes to the openly apparent dangers of the proven failure of a bill. A bill that should bring shame to those legislators refusing to resend it. I guess they feel that they must 1st distance themselves from it (AB 109), before doing so. WHAT A CRYING SHAME..

The question now is what else is it gonna take aside from the daily crimes by AB109ers that is
apperant to most ALL of Law Enforcement in California?

Anonymous said...

Something I recently heard

" The cornerstone of Goverment is to protect its citizens. If you live in fear you can not live in freedom, no greater responsibility".

California Goverment has deeply failed this 10 year old little girl who thought all was well in the comfort of her home. Very sad and troubling matter.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile those who truly failed the 10 year old Northridge child and countless many others, are still sitting on their hands as if there is no other way. Abolish AB-109 its getting worse not any better. Citizens write your elected officials letters. Demand AB-109 be dismantled and destroyed. Must we wait for the victim of a prominent family to occur to make things right!